Vacation destination

If you are headed out to the Grand Valley for a getaway, and are looking for a change of pace - Grand Mesa View Ranch is for you. Take in the views, enjoy nature, relax  and reflect in the peace and quiet. You will still be close to any activities or adventures you have planned. Enjoy all the comforts of home!

The Webers

About the Owners

Linda and Rick Weber purchased the property back in 1988 and have built a custom home designed by Rick himself. They choose this area as it was the best of both worlds: rural living with amazing views that also offered the closeness of a larger city nearby. Being outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy  horseback riding and touring the country in their recreational vehicle, they knew this was a place that would allow for all their favorite activities. The solitude allows for great relaxation and quiet reflection. The Webers wanted to share this gem with the world and opened their home for vacationers in 2014 and have expanded to include events such as weddings and other events. If you should need anything during your stay, please feel free to contact them!

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You can stay in a large relaxing home that is still close to all the adventure.

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